About Us
Our mission is to provide quality diagnostic and treatment services to individuals of all ages. We believe in utilizing the latest technology along with an age appropriate approach to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. We will use our experience to create innovative ways to manage sleep disorders today and in the future. By providing a quality testing environment, experienced staff, and quality services we will improve the quality of our patient’s lives by allowing them to lead more productive and healthier lifestyles.
Oregon Sleep Lab Services - Hermiston, OR
Sleep Studies
  • Sleep Consultations with a Dr. James W. Winde, MD Board Certified Phisician & Sleep Specialist
  • Routine polysomnograms
  • PSG Extended EEG polysomnograms
  • MSLT or daytime nap testing
  • CPAP / Bi-level Titration’s for treating sleep disordered breathing.
  • Personalized CPAP education and follow-up
To make a referral, please download and print our referral form (PDF). Fill in the form and fax to (541) 667-4175
Commerical Studies

If you are a trucking company and would like your drivers tested for Sleep Apena, our highly skilled and experienced sleep techs will conduct the sleep study at our labs day or night.

Please call us to discuss details.

  • Phone: 541-667-4104
  • Fax: 541-667-4175

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